UNIMIX-4 all-purpose concrete mixing machine is designed for concrete preparation from dry components, its transportation directly to the place of pouring and delivery of the concrete to the place of pouring, or to transport containers, concrete pumps, conveyors, etc.

UNIMIX-4 provides an opportunity to make a concrete mixture independently and autonomously in the presence of all necessary components of cement, inert fillers, water. This determines the use of UNIMIX-4 for a preparation of concrete mixtures of various grades, with its subsequent delivery to the place of unloading.

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Name Definition
Max drum useful volume 4 m3
Water tank capacity, max 900 l
Bucket capacity 0,5 m3
Curb weight 7500 kg
Max weight of transported concrete mixture 9500 kg
Fully loaded weight (while movement), including 17000 kg
Yield of concrete productivity in case of component self-loading, max 16 m3/hour
Maximum aggregate size 70 mm
4-cylinder diesel engine, of liquid cooling D-245.9Е2-2699 -
Engine capacity 100 kW
Average fuel-consumption rate 210 g/kW hour
Fuel tank capacity 160 l
Max driving speed (loaded) 25 (6) km/h
Minimum turning radius 4,5 m