Elekar 5E-4

Electromobile "Elekar 5E-4" is designed for riding on facilities of a sports infrastructure, for transportation of fans and sportsmen, for outings and excursions. The electric mobile can be used in closed spaces (airports, stations, shopping centers, warehouses, etc.), where there are requirements for riding at low speeds over large areas.

The lack of noise and harmful emissions makes it possible to use an electric mobile both on the territories adjacent to the facilities and within the exhibition complexes. Electromobiles "Elekar 5E-4" have a spacious cabin, comfortable seats, panoramic roof for better view inside the cabin.

It does not require charging specially equipped ventilated premises because there is no emission of harmful emissions, the electric mobile is charged from the household electric network 220V. The cars can be operated all year-round, even at negative temperatures, thanks to the use of gel batteries.

By reducing the cost of fuel for gasoline transport, you will ensure a short payback period of equipment and the ecology protection of your facility.

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Name Definition
Curb weight 750 kg
Fully loaded weight 1150 kg
Climb, no more 25%
Maximum driving speed 30 km/h
Payload in the body, no more 50 kg
Width 1420 mm
Front gage 1160 mm
Back gage 1210 mm
Clearance 200 mm
Electric equipment voltage 12V
Battery set 6pc. х 12V GX 12-100
Battery life time Up to 12 years
Driving distance on a single charge of batteries Up to 90 km
Battery full charging time from square one 8-10 hours
Type of Electric engine type 72V 5kW
Wheels 185/60R14
Braking system Hydraulic
Parking-brake Cable-operated hand brake on back wheel mechanism
Transmission front drive